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Colin Barnett The starters gun was fired on Western Australias state election campaign yesterday, with the writs issued and the government now officially in caretaker mode. Premier Colin Barnett and Opposition Leader Mark McGowan now face a gruelling five-and-a-half-weeks campaign ahead of an election to be held on March 11. By all the standards through which electoral form is normally judged, Barnetts government would appear to be in the deepest of trouble. At the time the Liberals squeaked into power in September 2008, Western Australia had a budget surplus, a triple-A credit rating and the lowest unemployment of any state in the country. Eight and a half years on, it is the only state government running a deficit, and has twice suffered the indignity of credit rating downgrades over the past term, with net debt forecast to approach $40 billion by 2020. Unemployment has gone from barely over 3% to 6.6%, with only South Australia performing (slightly) worse. Certainly, the government can point to the states meagre share of goods and services tax revenue in explaining away its budgetary position, and to the end of the mining boom to account for soft economy activity. However, one of the difficulties of being in office for the better part of a decade is that voters get progressively less interested in hearing your excuses. Nor is it merely its own weight that the government is carrying in its saddlebags. The Liberal doctor home loan australia Oak Laurel 0430129662 brand is being increasingly diminished by the unpopularity of the government in Canberra, which reverses the situation Barnett enjoyed at the time of his landslide re-election four years ago, when Julia Gillards prime ministership was entering its terminal phase.